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Published on 20/01/2024 under News

Dear potential applicant,


My name is Maria and I am extremely excited to work on this session Athens 2024 "Perpetual Bloom of the Youth: Creating accessible infrastructure and fostering youth employability", and I hope that you will join me on this adventure. I want to approach this session as a chance for endless possibilities, especially when it comes to the media team, which can easily be the most creative and innovative in a session. So I am looking for three (3) Editorial Assistants that will be joining me in this journey as well as ten (10) Media Team Members.


I do envision a strong collaboration with my Editorial Assistants. To achieve this, I believe the structure of the Editorial Team should be decided upon only after each member has been chosen and has met for the first time. As a result, the manner we collaborate will be decided through a process that considers your unique abilities, tendencies, and personal growth objectives. The Editorial Team will jointly debate and decide on how various jobs and portfolios will be assigned after taking into account the needs, abilities, and personal objectives of its members. In fewer words, the Editorial Team's organizational structure will value your uniqueness and let you to be yourself as a team member, a creator, and a leader while still being a part of a close-knit Team!


When it comes to the Media Team Members, what I have consistently observed is the disconnect between the Academic and the Media Team. Our efforts, as a Media Team, will be wholly aligned with those of the academic team, furnishing the opportunity to leverage visual communication to enrich Topic Overviews with engaging visual artifacts such as data visualizations or videos. That way not only can the Media Team Members practice their skills, but also bond with the chairpersons. Additionally, this would give the committees a more visual depiction of the information, facilitating faster learning for those who are visual learners and making the meeting more enjoyable for everyone in attendance.


What I also want to focus on is quality over quantity. Given the amount of time we have before the session, ideally I would love to see each Media Team Member be able to create a well-thought-out project that they are genuinely enthusiastic to implement. However, I believe that solo projects bring out a big amount of work and stress, and I would not want to push media team members into creating a solo project just for the sake of it. On the contrary, I would support collaborative initiatives. The Media Team Members will be encouraged to modify, improve, and expand their ideas throughout the process, which will also provide them with  greater room for trial and error.


Finally, the most important thing in a Media Team is creative freedom. Creativity and originality are some qualities that I do not want to force on my team, but actually lead them towards that direction. Be as creative and unique as you can with your answers in the application, with your media projects and with your general approach to the session. The results are always better than you can anticipate when you don't limit your inspiration and ideas, but rather build on them and  step outside of your comfort zone. 


With these words I hope I could give you a small insight into how I envision this team functioning. If the aforementioned sound intriguing to you, I can’t wait to read your application. Should you also have any questions, please do not hesitate to approach me. See you soon in Athens! 

All the best and good luck with writing your application.

Maria - Editor of the 47th National Selection Conference of EYP Greece

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