Editorial Vision || 45th NSC (ΕN)

Published on 29/11/2022 under News

The Editorial Team of Athens 2023 would envision producing a proactive, creative and collaborative environment for Journalists interested in advancing their prospects. Each Journalist is encouraged to utilise the skill capacity of the entire team through collaborative efforts, under the supportive system of the Editorial Team.


Journalists in EYP Media should possess project-management skills, which can be exercised for improvements at Athens 2023. With open communication and transparent cooperation, we encourage Journalists to openly receive feedback and give one in return to all working processes around them. While keeping in mind the welcome of failure and no necessity for perfection - Athens 2023 is set to advance and build capacity for its participants.


We hope to achieve an empowered team of Journalists, who are able to freely ask questions and execute ideas, alongside providing opinions for improvements. With an expectation to achieve quality output, mental and physical well-being is prioritised. 


The editorial Team is to take responsibility for marketing strategies, evolving social media management and content creation. Each Editorial Team Member shall cooperate with each Journalist to advance their understanding of the editorial process in both content and project management, alongside execution. Collaborative and cooperative environment for mutual achievements and improvements, especially personal ones.


Each Media Team Member, both Assistant and Journalist is encouraged for expressing their creativity, seeing how their idea can influence an audience. Each project should aim to inspire, motivate, inform or empower participants of Athens 2023. 


The Media Team of Athens 2023 aims to support in creating a welcoming environment for the Delegates, through active communication and inspiration. This hopes to allow Delegates to see their potential or either Media, Academic, Jury, or Organising Teams in the future, inspiring them to see the benefits of EYP.


We are looking for Media Team Members (Assistants and Journalists) who can turn Athens 2023 into a turning point for both Officials and Delegates with their communication and collaboration abilities, alongside projects.

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