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Dear future media creators,


Given that you find yourself here, it is possible that you are considering working with me and joining us in Greece this winter. In that case, and to briefly introduce myself, my name is Elen, I am 22 years old and come from sunny Yerevan, Armenia. I have the honour of being the Editress at Thessaloniki '23 - 46th National Selection Conference of EYP Greece, and will outline my vision for the Media Team below, a team I look forward to welcoming you into.


My vision for the team is to embrace each person's abilities and talents to create a space where everyone can grow and develop. Training modules will be made to the team's interests and hobbies, with topics reaching beyond the standard introductory modules. I see a team of 3 Editorial Assistants with varied specialties (videography, design, and photography) and 10 Media Team Members with varying skills and interests, but a shared passion for media and a motivation to know and grow. The Editorial Team will provide strong structure and guidance to the team, and each member will be mentored depending on their needs and project goals. MTMs will have the opportunity to further develop specific interests and learn from more experienced members by working in smaller groups


My ultimate aim for the media team is to ensure that every member has the freedom and autonomy to pursue their creative aspirations and work on projects that truly ignite their passion. Collaboration will be a guiding principle, encouraging team members to work together, support one another, and place a strong emphasis on delivering quality over quantity. Overall, I aim to provide the team with both emotional and technical guidance while allowing them the space to explore their creative horizons.


Together, we'll craft media that informs, inspires, and leaves a lasting impact on our network.


Looking forward to seeing you offline in Thessaloniki!

With the warmest hugs from Yerevan,


Elen Mikaelyan

The Editress of Thessaloniki '23 - 46th National Selection Conference of EYP Greece

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