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Thessaloniki '23 — Board Vision


Dear reader,


Thank you very much for your interest in the vision of the Board of Thessaloniki ‘23 - 46th National Selection Conference of the European Youth Parliament Greece. We are very happy to see you are considering applying to the session as a Chairperson.


Together, we hope to build an ambitious and energetic Academic Team with a clear and consistent focus on four pillars: ownership, personal development, strong support structures, and creating a fun atmosphere for everyone at the session. 

With ten committees, both solo-chairing and co-chairing, and up to 15 Chairpersons, Thessaloniki ‘23 will be a large session with an extensive pre-session work phase. Therefore we very much recommend you read this vision before applying and committing to the session. That said, if this document sparks an interest in you, we highly encourage you to apply and cannot wait to hear your thoughts and ideas!


One team, four pillars


The Board of Thessaloniki ‘23 wishes to place particular emphasis on the ownership of the Chairpersons. A national selection conference is the ideal setting for Chairpersons to further develop their abilities and prepare for the next steps they would like to take within the EYP network and beyond. Through tailored training, transparency, and collaboration between all participants we wish to open doors and minds to the opportunities and responsibilities that EYP entails. We want to give the Chairpersons a chance to experiment and try new techniques, ideas, or concepts and widen their horizon. Through promoting ownership, we hope to empower the participants of the session and help them rise to their full potential.


Considering the session’s academic theme, “Perpetual Bloom of the Youth: Re-evaluating pedagogical methods and investing in lifelong learning”, we aim to provide the space needed for each individual to experiment and reach a new level of independence throughout the pre-session and in-session work. Specifically, this is envisioned in an open, discussion-based structure, where each Chairperson has the opportunity to discuss in detail elements of chairing with the rest of the team, allowing for mutual support through peer-to-peer work. By the end of Thessaloniki ‘23, we aim for each member to be ready to take on new roles on Academic Teams. This means reflecting on the journey of each Chairperson to identify their strengths, weaknesses and needs and then setting their individual goals.


Both in the months leading up to the session and in Thessaloniki itself, the Board will focus on fostering a welcoming and familiar atmosphere, with enough support mechanisms in place for the Chairpersons to feel safe enough to challenge themselves as EYPers.

An underlying value of this vision is, therefore, trust, be it between the Board and the Academic Team, or among the Chairpersons. As a Board, we believe that trusting and supportive relationships among the Officials are the key ingredients that make EYP unique as an organisation and which allow for the learning that Thessaloniki ‘23 is centred around.


Last but not least, fun is an important pillar of our vision for the Academic Team of Thessaloniki ‘23. We aim not only to achieve high academic quality but also to seize the opportunity and enjoy the session to the fullest. Therefore, in Thessaloniki ‘23 we will strive to foster inter-team bonding before and during the session, create an environment of intimacy and trust within the Officials’ Team, and create memories of a lifetime together. Because why do we do EYP if not for fun? 


Remarks on the academic theme


This vision very much ties in with the session theme — “Perpetual Bloom of the Youth: Re-evaluating pedagogical methods and investing in lifelong learning.” Pedagogy as a concept originates in Ancient Greek and it is most commonly understood as a scientific approach to teaching, encompassing both the theory and practice of learning. As described in the dictionary, pedagogy is linked to the process of how we learn and to the social, political, and psychological development of learners.


As a Board, we aim to translate this concept into our work. Recognising that there are different learning dimensions and learning types, we will focus on including the methods of adaptation, personalisation, different learning tools, and feedback into the session’s academics. Specifically, we envision implementing interactive, peer-to-peer learning throughout the session and providing the Chairpersons with the space to take ownership and experiment. 


Learning, and especially lifelong learning, is a crucial element for solving many of today’s most pressing challenges, be it strengthening economic development, health care reform, or fighting climate change. Topics at the session could include how to deal with colonial artefacts displayed in European museums, combatting the discrimination of minorities in Europe’s education systems, or how to facilitate the transition of workers currently employed in the fossil fuel industry to jobs in a sustainable economy.


What is expected from the Chairpersons?


At Thessaloniki ‘23, there will be both co-chairing and solo-chairing committees. The preliminary timeline for the academic preparation of the session looks as follows:

  • September: Chairpersons’ onboarding, topic drafting together with a Board member
  • October — November: Topic Overview writing process, pre-session modules
  • Early December: personal development calls, pre-session delegate engagement


Anything else?


We hope this vision has got you excited about the session! We cannot wait to read your application and hear your thoughts and ideas!


Best wishes,


Iliana, Sabine, Polyna, and Johann


Board of Thessaloniki ‘23 - 46th National Selection Conference of EYP Greece

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