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Dear Members of the EYP Community,


Thank you for your interest to apply as a Vice-President to 46th National Selection Conference of EYP Greece! 


We highly encourage you to read the President's Vision for the Vice-Precidents before submitting your application:


“Dear reader,


Thank you very much for your interest in my vision for the Board of Thessaloniki ‘23 - 46th National Selection Conference of the European Youth Parliament Greece. I am very happy to see you are considering applying to the session as a Vice-President!

My name is Johann, I have been a member of EYP Germany since 2018, and I study political science and sociology in Berlin. Together with three Vice-Presidents, I hope to build an ambitious and energetic Academic Team that collaboratively creates a fun yet challenging academic experience for the Chairpersons and the Delegates of Thessaloniki ‘23, while giving all members of the team the opportunity to further develop as EYPers in a friendly and supportive environment with strong feedback mechanisms.

With ten committees and up to 15 Chairpersons, this is a journey we can only make together, therefore I very much recommend you read this vision before applying. That said, if this document sparks an interest in you, I highly encourage you to apply!


Building a Board


My vision for the Board is, as of now, a preliminary one. Once we are complete, we will have dedicated conversations about our focus and goals for the session. That being said, my thoughts for now are centred around the three overlapping pillars of personal development, ownership, and cooperation


Personal development very much ties in with the session theme — Perpetual Bloom of the Youth: Re-evaluating pedagogical methods and investing in lifelong learning. EYP is the perfect place to have discussions on a whole range of pressing issues relating to education and lifelong learning. These range from how to deal with colonial artefacts displayed in European museums, combatting the discrimination of minorities in Europe’s education systems, or how to facilitate the transition of workers currently employed in the fossil fuel industry to jobs in a sustainable economy.


From development to cooperation


For the Vice-Presidents, I envision Thessaloniki ‘23 to first and foremost be a space where they can develop and directly put into practice new skills that will help them grow as leaders and as EYPers in general. To facilitate this personal development, I will be giving the Vice-Presidents creative freedom in their tasks, while offering support and regular feedback. Right at the start of our time together as a Board, I also want to conduct individual development calls with each Vice-President to set out the personal goals they want to achieve as well as the concrete ways in which they want to shape the session at large. Through these one-on-one conversations I will be able to provide tailored support to each individual Vice-President. Going forward, they are also something I would like to discuss implementing for the Chairpersons.


This focus on individualised development is intended to encourage the Vice-Presidents to take ownership of the session and specifically its academics. After vice-presiding Thessaloniki ‘23, I want you to have gained concrete leadership experiences and to feel more confident in your ability to independently lead a team.


Finally, running through this entire vision is the theme of cooperation. I want the Board to work together closely, and to jointly create and implement a vision for the Academic Team. This requires reliability, transparent communication, and a willingness to support one another.

Moreover, the Vice-Presidents will be joining all the meetings of the session’s extended leadership, with this making up a significant part of their role, both in the months leading up to and during the session. Cooperation and communication between the teams is an integral part of any EYP session, and the goal for Thessaloniki ‘23 is to integrate the entire extended leadership, including the Vice-Presidents, into planning as well as facilitating inter-team cooperation.


What is expected from the Vice-Presidents?


Having said all of that, what I am primarily looking for in a Vice-President is the motivation to bring their own ideas to the session and to follow up on their implementation. Thessaloniki ‘23 will be a large session, with a lot happening at the same time. Therefore, I want to be able to rely on the Vice-Presidents to take the initiative and to do their bit in ensuring that the academic work, but also the session in its entirety, go as smoothly as possible.


The Board will be consistently working together from July, with regular meetings and tasks. In the spirit of transparency, the preliminary timeline for the academic preparation of the session looks as follows:


Mid-July - August: Vice-Presidents’ onboarding, developing the academic vision for the session, extended leadership work


September - November: Chairpersons’ onboarding, TO writing process, pre-session modules


December, until the session: Supporting Chairpersons, preparing the session


Anything else?


Should you have any questions about this vision, do not hesitate to reach out to me, and I will be happy to have a chat about Thessaloniki ‘23.

I hope this vision has got you excited about the session! I cannot wait to read your application and hear your thoughts and ideas!

Best wishes,


Johann Davies


President of Thessaloniki ‘23 - 46th National Selection Conference of EYP Greece”


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