Vision for Editor(s) | 45th NSC (ΕΛ)

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Vision for Editor || 45th NSC


A few words from the Head-Organising Committee… 


“Dear Applicant, 


First of all, we would like to thank you for your interest in being part of the αθenς’23 family. We would undoubtedly be very grateful and excited to read your application - and potentially have you on board!


We are searching for a dedicated individual to join the leadership of the Session, which will take place next spring in the wonderful capital of Greece, Athens. The dates for Officials are from the 6th to the 10th of April 2023, with the 6th of April being the CMOJ day.


The 45th National Selection Conference of EYP Greece will be held under a theme we deeply care about, and are extremely happy that it will be one of the main pillars of our session. It reads as follows: "Wind of Change – Youth Initiatives in Environmental Consciousness: Empowering the active participation of the youth in environmental policy".


The main assets we are seeking in an Editor are those of dedication, loyalty and transparent communication (pre-session, during and post-session), as we want to shape a session that will futuristically create strong bonds and meaningful friendships between the participants. We want someone who will give 100% of their effort to create a high-quality media output, but will also manage their team in a way that won’t differentiate them from all the other teams. 


Considering the creative nature of the Editor, we want to offer complete creative freedom as we are quite flexible in considering new and innovative ideas. We would love to see the aspect of analogue photography unravel in our session, but by no means is it a requirement.
On the other hand, it is of significant importance to emphasise that, as with every other EYP Greece session, we will require you to dedicate a special focus on the promotion of our Sponsors and Supporters on our Social Media platforms. Keeping in mind that, as the potential Editor of the 45th NSC, you will be responsible for the Social Media management of the session, always in cooperation with the Head-Organising Committee. 


Generally, we aspire for this session to be an opportunity for you to experiment and progress, as you allow yourself to test and apply new ideas. We will be there for you every step of the way, and we would be ecstatic to welcome you into our family!


Yours truly,


Cayvenne Joseph Carag, Spyridoula-Iris Vasilakopoulou, George Vagias

The Head-Organising Committee of αθenς 2023”

A few words from the President…
“Dear prospective applicant,


First of all, let me also thank you for your interest in joining our leadership team, and for being eager to contribute towards this very special project to all of us. 


The 45th National Session of EYP Greece is undoubtedly a session with already a lot of heart and hard work poured into it. Therefore, we are very excited to be joined by individuals equally enthusiastic and committed to its purpose.


Let me invite you to take this moment to reflect on what you want your purpose to be for the session, and how you aim to help our team discover theirs. 


As the President of the session, I firmly believe in allowing your creative freedom to shine, and I look forward to facilitating extensive cooperation between our two teams, both before and during the session.


My academic vision strongly relies on allowing participants to delve into topics and issues that affect them while exploring ways in which EYP can have an impact towards real, tangible solutions both in and outside of the session. As such, I am looking for an Editorial leader who is ready to empower their media team to go beyond the typical EYP media output, using it as a tool to convey what truly matters to the session participants and to the broader audience of EYP Greece.  


What is more, I firmly believe that our team members should have the opportunity to learn from one another throughout all the stages of the project coming to life. If you consider yourself someone who is ready to first challenge themselves while prioritising the growth of our team, then I am certain you will be an invaluable member of our team! 


I wish you the best of luck with your application, and I look forward to hopefully welcoming you to our growing Athenian family.  




Maria Tanou


President of αθenς 2023”

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