Vision for the Academic Board | 45th NSC (EΛ)

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Vision for the Academic Board || 45th NSC

Dear future applicant, 

As the head of the Academic team, I am looking forward to having more individuals in the team equally inspired by the opportunities that αθenς ‘23 presents us with: to empower, be empowered, challenge and be challenged. Most importantly, the 45th NSC of EYP Greece will be an opportunity for all of us to grow and step out of the typical boxes EYP sometimes may put us in. 

Vision for the Academic Board


As we will be called to lead a large Chairs team of 17 Chairs, I would like the Academic board to feel comfortable in its own, unique skills and role within the team. I aim for this session to not be a flourishing environment for the Chairs, but also for all Board Members - which requires that your viewpoints, lived experiences, likes and dislikes are taken into consideration. We will work together to build an environment that allows for your strengths to be best utilised, and your weaknesses to be minimized, while allowing every Board member to find their place within the team. 


What is more, I aspire to foster an environment where Vice-Presidents have ownership over our processes and products. As such, Board Members will be encouraged to be themselves, innovate through ideas that spark their interests and engage with concepts that they feel are important to their own, personal vision for the session. Vice-Presidents will therefore strongly be invited to pursue personal projects throughout the duration of our pre-session preparation and the session itself, in order to shape our session’s academic elements to reflect their own priorities for the session. 


Taking into account all the above, αθenς 2023 is looking for Vice-Presidents that can embrace the idea that we can all learn from everyone around us - regardless of experience. Our session milestones, such as TOs, CMOJ, Teambuilding etc. will focus on that heavily, and thus Vice-Presidents will be called to explore how they themselves can learn from those around them. At the end of the session, I envision that you, as Vice-President, will have the confidence and skills to pursue any future project you aspire to. 


Taking all the aforementioned, I invite you to continue reading, to understand what I hope we build together during αθenς 2023. 


Vision for the Academic Output


The theme of the session, "Wind of Change – Youth Initiatives in Environmental Consciousness: Empowering the active participation of the youth in environmental policy" finds us at the crossroads of decision-making: the current geopolitical and socioeconomic framework conditions are constantly pushing civic society and policymakers to rethink their positioning in advancing EU values and principles. Most importantly, we, the youth, are now required to stand up and step up our involvement more than ever, to secure that our values and future are secured. 


With such a backdrop, I envision Academic output that will empower delegates and chairs to engage with topics at the forefront of political developments across Europe. My aim as President is to ensure that every topic will be pertinent to real-world issues, without shying away from touching on unexplored territories. At the same time, I envision a session where participants do not only focus on their own Committee Topic, but also benefit from the broad palette of challenging issues we dare to discuss. As such, the Board will be called to re-examine how academic research is conducted, how Topic Overviews can be efficient for all types of learning, and how each element of the session will serve our common vision towards making our session participants tomorrow’s active citizens. 


Vision for the Academic Team  


The Academic Team of αθenς 2023 will welcome 17 chairs and 4 board members with the potential to shape their own path in EYP. As such, my vision for the Academic Team of αθenς 2023 revolves around three main pillars: creativity, academic curiosity and long-term personal development. 


Creativity: The Academic team will be challenged to rethink how we do EYP and how it benefits us and those around us. As such, we, the board, will need to empower our team to embrace their craziest ideas and critically think about every element of the session, and why we do the things we do. 


Academic curiosity: We will invite our team to explore their academic likes and dislikes, their learning styles and methods, as well as their own leadership style. Together, we will step out of the EYP norm, and attempt to explore topics that challenge us. The session as a whole will seek to innovate traditional EYP elements to allow participants to learn about more than just their Committee Topics, and therefore we will seek to instil that same curiosity in chairs and delegates alike. 


Long-term personal development: Against the backdrop of the demands and goals they have not just for the session, but for their personal development in the real world, our team will be called to reflect on how to pursue academic and personal development that can be transferred across roles and outside of EYP. Experience from different paths of life will be embraced across session elements, and different learning styles, independence and ownership will be our guiding principles. 


Most importantly, I aspire to build a team that doubles as a space of belonging: a space where all chairs feel supported, safe and appreciated, and great value will be given to processes that allow their genuine, human connections to flourish.  


Dear potential applicant, 


As a fellow EYPer once told me, ‘responsibility is what drives us forward, and we are the creators of that responsibility through our passions’. What you can expect from being a member of the αθενς 2023 board is exactly that: a dedicated, passionate team, motivated by its responsibility to instil the same passion for personal growth in all session participants. 


If you can see a reflection of yourself by reading this vision, know that I will be more than honoured to receive your application to join us as a Vice-President in Athens in April. 


Please do not hesitate to reach out to me, should you have any questions or concerns at or via social media. 


Once again, thank you for considering αθenς 2023 as the next stop in your EYP journey, and I look forward to reading your application. 


Warm regards, 


Maria Tanou

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