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We are looking for one (1) Editor/Editress to join our leadership team!


Dear EYPer,


Thank you for your interest in Piraeus ‘23 - 2nd International Training of EYP Greece. The event will be held in Piraeus, Greece from the 3rd to the 5th of March 2023 (with the CMO Day being on the 3rd of the month), under the theme: “No one left behind: navigating the new wave through an ocean of possibilities”.


The event is head-organised by Ms. Martha Barlogianni (GR), Ms. Froso Dipla (GR) & Ms. Angeliki Fotopoulou (GR), with Ms. Sofia Zangana (GR) serving as the Representative of the National Committee of EYP Greece. Ms. Sofia Magopoulou (GR) will undertake the role of the Head Trainer of the event. 


Why? Navigating the EYP world throughout the changes of the past years, has proved to be difficult and while session after session, EYP grows and learns, members often feel that they lack the skills and capacity to undertake new roles. The training will allow participants to navigate this new wave of possibilities through building capacity and enhancing their soft skills. We aim to create a safe and inclusive environment, where each participant will be able to freely express thought and his concerns. Like any other EYP event, the 2nd International Training will be created by young people and addressed to young people and although it may seem self-evident, this thought is a key pillar of identity of action: young people, basically, have the same concerns about the future. Therefore, we consider that peer motivation is the most important to steer us all together towards achieving our future goals.


Who are we looking for? Well, you! We are searching for an open-minded, passionate and creative individual to help in shaping our event’s visual representation and in contributing to our general vision for the event. We would like to create a safe environment for our participants to grow, while giving them the necessary tools to identify and turn all the possibilities that appear on their path into learning and personal growth opportunities. Therefore, it is very important for us to have on our leadership team someone with a team spirit that will actively help us take all steps needed to bring the leadership’s vision to life!


We are looking forward to reading your application!”


The Head Trainer & The Head Organisers of Piraeus ‘23,

Sofia, Martha, Froso & Angeliki

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