Vision for the Jury Team | 44th NSC (ΕΛ)

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Dear potential applicant,


My vision for Thessaloniki is built on the hope that the jury will push the boundaries of what we expect both of ourselves and from the delegates. I hope for this team to be innovative and forward-thinking in our approach to work. Rather than focusing on what the jury has always been, I would like for us to brainstorm ideas of what the jury can become and move towards, not only at this session but in sessions to come.


One area for innovation would be to more concretely formalise the role of the jury in aiding in the personal development of delegates. Rather than simply taking a passive, outsider role, whereby feedback is delivered in a reactive manner, I think the jury could be more centrally involved to truly leverage the insights we gain.


Primarily, I envision that this would work through further development of the concept of jury focus committees - rather than this concept referring to simply which committee rooms jurors access, I would like to see teamwork between the primary juror for a committee and the respective chairperson to develop a plan for the development of delegates. Such teamwork may involve meetings with chairs to understand the goals and fears of their delegates, as well as scheduling with the chair appropriate times for the juror to deliver group and individualised feedback. The juror may also give some outside perspective to the chair on how certain activities in the committee room have particularly benefited the delegates.


With greater collaboration between jurors and chairpersons, I believe that the jury will be more integrated within the wider officials team. Furthermore, I would wish for this integration to extend beyond work. I hope for jury members to be every bit as engaged in social elements of the session as they are in their work. 


Finally, my hope for the team would be that we not only facilitate the development of others, but take charge of our own growth also. Careful consideration must be given to how the jury can step out from the shadows of sessions and into more central roles that challenge us and allow us to gain more skills. This is something I cannot decide myself, but establish alongside you on the team.


If this vision interests you, I would really appreciate reading your application.


All the best,



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