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Dear EYPer,


Thank you for your interest in being part of the Editorial Team of Thessaloniki ‘22! The following paragraphs consist of my vision for the Editorial Assistants (EAs) of the session. We are currently looking for 3 individuals who, together with me, will shape, manage and experience the Media Team from the very beginning!


Structure of the Editorial Team


I envision a strong collaboration with the Editorial Assistants. To achieve this, I believe the structure of the Editorial Team needs to be established only after the selection and first encounter of all of its members. This means that the way we work together will be determined through a process that takes into account your very own skills, tendencies and personal development goals.


After evaluating the EAs’ needs, skillset, and personal goals, the Editorial Team will together discuss and agree on how different tasks and portfolios will be distributed. For example, a selected Editorial Assistant might possess personality traits, skills and goals that could make them an excellent videographer who takes up on creating the session videos and assisting others through a technical scope, rather than putting focus on the project management area which can be a portfolio for other EAs.


To suffice, the structure of the Editorial Team of Thessaloniki ‘22 will cherish your individuality and allow you to be yourself as a member, a creator and a leader, while being part of a close-knit Team!


People & Output


A Media Team can often focus on creating an immense quantity of quality products, thus neglecting important factors such as the learning experience, their members’ emotional well-being and often the Team’s whole spirit. While I do not aim at criticizing this “consumeristic” approach,  I aspire to avoid it and instead put people first


Just like the essence of sustainability, the Media Team will focus on its members, their experience and their relation to their tools and ideas, turning the output they finally produce into a natural result of a path they enjoyed, not just a product.


The Editorial Assistants will play a big role towards implementing this concept of social sustainability within their own and the rest of the Media Team’s work. The Editorial Team will together establish and manage an environment that allows all Media Team Members (MTMs) to have access to crucial resources, assistance and most importantly other people to collaborate with.


The first and most important step towards realising the goals mentioned above will be to focus on initially connecting with others as people. The Editorial Team will be responsible for maintaining an environment that allows the Team members to meet, bond, form friendships and collaborate equally. 


The Media Output of Thessaloniki ‘22 


While the words above might shed light on my vision for how the Editorial and the Media Team is going to work, I would like to let you know about my aspirations for the output. As mentioned before, the Media Team’s goal will be to produce content that is a natural derivative of a creative path that puts people first. In that sense, my thoughts for the output are not pre-regulated ideas that I would try to impose, rather than a tendency that shall characterise our creative process.


I want to make sure that Thessaloniki ’22 lives on throughout the collective memory of the network and touches upon the important, global issues that sustainability gives birth to. Our content will be able to appeal to the session participants by offering them a chance to reflect on their memories, on the network by presenting the session’s unique elements as well as common citizens of Thessaloniki, by offering them a chance to know about EYP and sustainability issues.


To sum it all up, I aspire to create an Editorial Team where every member feels equal and can contribute and influence the Media environment and consequently the output we produce. If you are looking for a session where you will be able to share and implement your ideas, take initiatives and develop as a Media Team Leader, Thessaloniki ‘22 is the session for you!


Hope to see you in Thessaloniki,

Vasilis Tsenes

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