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Dear EYPer,


Thank you for taking the time and interest into reading the Vision for Vice-President for the 44th National Selection Conference of EYP Greece - Thessaloniki 2022!

I am Enrico Zonta, and I will have the opportunity of presiding over this NSC: together with the HOs and the NC we are looking for 3 individuals willing to join me in December in Greece to make this event the session of everyone’s dreams! Will you be there with us?


My general vision for the Board and for the entire Academic team is not set in stone, as it will be up to you and to the Chairs to influence it, however there are some common ideas and principles that I have for our shared experience, hoping that you will resonate with them.


Development goals 


I am generally looking to have a Board with a diverse range of experiences, but with people that are keen on challenging themselves. At the end of the journey, I would like the Vice Presidents to have understood what it means to be a part of the Leadership and to act as such, to be confident in their role and in their abilities stemming from it, to be able to lead a team and at the same time develop a good relationship with the team members, and to get close to presiding and grasping what it entails. Most of all, however, I would like us to have a memorable and fun experience together, and for all of us to develop skills and get to know a part of ourselves that we did not know, and that we can use also outside of EYP


Board experience 


After setting the goals for the development, how do we achieve them? Generally, I would like the Board to be a fun and dynamic place where we feel comfortable to be open with each other, to spend fun moments, but also to be professional when required. What it entails is that I want to be your journey companion, a guiding figure, but I would like to take decisions together and share the management of the team. As a matter of fact, we will have 17 (seventeen!) chairpersons in the team: you will definitely be playing an active role in coordinating them, especially through the Buddy Groups. That is why we will go through a preparation phase together - which is not going to be only top-down from me, but more of a knowledge-sharing amongst us - in order to be fully ready to take on an active role in leading the team. For all of this, I would like it to happen with a spirit of honesty and trust, that allows us to talk about any issues or problems, and to solve them together, with a good level of communication. 


Academics vision


Under the session theme “Wind of Change – Youth Initiatives in environmental consciousness: Working towards sustainable development of societies”, that we will develop throughout the topics, I would aim at the session academics to be accessible by everyone, yet still upkeeping a high level. I would generally like to prioritise delegates and Chairpersons themselves to understand the topic, its interrelations and complexities, and to be able to recognise its application even outside of EYP, rather than finding the best ideas or writing the best resolution possible. The purpose of the academics should be outward-looking and ensuring that the knowledge and skills acquired can be used outside of EYP. For example, what is the point in understanding how the EU works for an EYP resolution, but then not being able to use it to read a newspaper article? Or, how is  it helpful for us to understand the method to solve an issue in a committee discussion, but then not knowing how to apply it in a concrete problem-solving outside? Therefore, we will try to render difficult concepts accessible, yet still ensuring that their complexity is understood and can be used not only within an event.


These are the general ideas on the basis of which I would like to work with - first - the Board, and then the Academic Team overall. We will try to make sure that everyone’s dreams of the session are realised, and that your personal dreams are realised as well! If this vision resonates with you, make sure to apply to the Session. Please reach out to me at if you have any questions.


Hope to see you in Thessaloniki,


Enrico Zonta

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