Vison for the Media Team | Thessaly '22 (ΕΛ)

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Thessaly 2022 - Vision for the Media Team

Team Structure:

1EA + 2MTM


Dear applicant, 

If you are reading this, you are most likely considering applying as an Editorial Assistant or a Media Team Member to Thessaly ’22! If that is the case, I am very excited about the prospect of you joining my team and for us to work together. 

Despite the uncertain times we are going through, I am confident that Thessaly will be a defining moment for EYP Greece. Marking the return of regional sessions, this event is the comeback you never knew you needed. 

My vision for the Media Team of Thessaly is based on three main pillars: establishing meaningful Connections, fostering Innovation and enabling Personal Progression.

During Thessaly ‘22, the Media Team will aim to take a step further when connecting between teams: besides the logistical factor, this team will be in constant and close contact with the Academic Team. This will give Media Team Members room to improve themselves and better interact with all participants. It will provide the space to innovate and think of new ways of making communication more organic and purposeful. During all times, I will strive for the personal progression of every team member, adapting the Media Team work to their needs and ambitions. 

Even though this is a small team, I envision the Editorial Assistant working more closely with me, helping in the planning and overview of the media output. As a Media Team Member, you will be guided through the process of media production and coverage, while being encouraged to develop ideas and turn them into meaningful projects.  

I am looking for proactive individuals who are not afraid of taking a hands-on approach as the work progresses while striving to ensure a smooth transition from the digital setting to the physical event. Media Team Members will always have the ownership to incorporate new ideas and best practices when interacting with participants. 

Finally, I am convinced we will be able to build a safe place to fail and learn for all the participants of Thessaly ‘22, as I truly believe that we learn by doing and working together towards a common goal. 


Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me!

I look forward to seeing you in sunny Greece, 


Inês Rodrigues

Editress of Thessaly ‘22

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