Vision for the Jury Team | 43nd NSC (ΕΛ)

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Dear future applicant,


First and foremost, let me start by thanking you for your time and interest. It is my utmost pleasure to introduce myself as the Head of Jury of Athens and share with you the vision for the Jury team of this event.


Having been deeply inspired by the approach adopted by the Organising, Academic and Media Teams of the session in regards to the role of the leadership, the Jury Team of Athens will also be working as a flat hierarchy. In other words, the team members will all carry out the same tasks and we will be making the participants’ selection by consensus amongst all team members.


In addition to this, the vision for the Jury Team of Athens will be based upon three other main pillars: engagement, inclusivity and sustainability.


In terms of ENGAGEMENT, our team will be collaborating tightly with all the other Officials’ groups. Integrating the Academic Team’s input in our selection criteria, for instance, by giving each Chairperson the opportunity to provide us with an overview of their committee’s performance. Actively participating in the projects proposed and powered by the Media Team. Giving a hand to the Organising Team whenever possible or, at the very least, not making their tasks more difficult.


Concerning INCLUSIVITY, our Team will welcome all individuals, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, nationality, political ideas or religious beliefs et al. When becoming a member of the Jury Team, you will be taking on the responsibility - alongside with all of the other members of the team - of making Athens NSC a safe space for the whole of its participants. In order to achieve this, I would love to have a meeting with all the team members before deep diving into the “jury work” so that we can come up with an action plan that will serve us as guidelines to keep the session inclusive, and to maintain this inclusivity within our team.


Furthermore, our desire for inclusivity should also reach the academic aspect of the session. By looking to select academically competent delegates who are also well-rounded individuals with a desire to learn and motivation to stay engaged in the organisation. We are not only selecting the next generation of Chairs, Vice-Presidents and Presidents of EYP Greece, but also their next generation of Organisers, Head Organisers, Media Team Members, Editresses & Editors, Jury Members and - don’t forget - possibly even their future Board Members. So let’s take that into account :)


Lastly, when it comes to SUSTAINABILITY we approach the concept both from a classical viewpoint (in the sense of being eco-conscious) as well as a practical approach (living a sustainable lifestyle during the session). From an eco-conscious perspective, being sustainable means that the Jury Team will strive to become zero-waste. In order to achieve that, we will be substituting delegate booklets and printed evaluation forms and we will carry out all of our work online. Then, from a lifestyle standpoint, we will make sure that each Jury Member is able to get enough sleep, stay hydrated and is given the opportunity to take personal time when needed.


Hoping to receive your application and making this vision a reality,


Yours truly,


Judit Lladós

Head of Jury (co-juror) of the 43rd NSC of EYP Greece

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