Vision for the Media Team | 43rd NSC (ΕΛ)

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Dear all,

The vision for this Media Team starts from the idea of expanding the limits of the term ‘media team’ as we know it so far. As in EYP we are used to role hierarchy teams with clear structures and specific tasks, we tend to focus on an individual rather than a team level. In this Media Team I want to highlight the team as a unit actively engaging in the session and not as multiple individuals shaping it. As I believe what makes a good Editor is the desire to work and to learn, the role of the Editor will be quite different than what we know so far. The Editor will not be the ‘leader’ of the team, but a member of it. What does this mean? Every member of the Media Team will have the chance of actively shaping the vision of the Session by proposing new ideas, coming up with solutions and being responsible for their own output.


That’s why I am looking for 3 Editorial Assistants who want to learn or improve their skills in leading and teaching a team as well as gain experience in the medium of their choosing. Additionally, I am looking for 10 passionate individuals who want to learn more regarding EYP Media and play a crucial role in the making of the Session’s output.


My ultimate goal for the team members is to learn, to gain experience and to maximize their potential regarding EYP Media while working as a unit. Teamwork structures can provide the team with a diversity of thought, creativity, perspectives and opportunities. It encourages cooperation and fosters friendship. After all, that is what makes EYP so special as an organization; its ability to bring people together. And it is true, that when young and open-minded individuals get together there is a chance that extraordinary things will happen.

See you in Athens.



Anastasia Tsilivakou


Editress of the 43rd NSC of EYP Greece

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