Presidential Vision | 43rd NSC (ΕΛ)

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 12/01/2022 στην κατηγορία Νέα

We cannot deny that the past period has been a very challenging one. Everything that we were used to has changed with new rules and ways in which we reinvented living. Although this was a major change, we all have learned to adapt our approaches to novel challenges. With this in mind, we want to strike a unique balance between our old ways and what new approaches the digital era has brought to the network in Athens 2022. This means that we intend to make the best out of two worlds and integrate that into a joint, unified vision and approach to the session, which will go hand in hand with the session theme One for all, all for one: Youth-initiated advocacy shaping tomorrow's Europe”. We also intend to reinvent approaches to individual chairs, co-chairing pairs and our approach to the general collection of the Chairs’ team.

With an emphasis on personal development, we intend to give every individual the space and means to set personal development goals, track them, and finally implement and reflect upon the progress made. Through detailed buddy group systems and methods of defining goals, we intend to foster optimal personal growth.

On top of development which is focused solely during the session, we intend to go past that and integrate personal development into something bigger than development goals which exist just within the scope of the session, but rather focus on making something that can be carried on from the session to our lives. 

As part of that, we wish to build on what is already there. Every participant has their own skills, knowledge and aspirations which often remain somewhat neglected during sessions. Instead, we wish to put the emphasis on what all participants can bring from their daily lives. 

Through having a mix of solo and co-chairs, we intend to strike a balance between cooperation and individuality, where we would support each and every participant in achieving their goals through different chairing approaches. By having co-chairing committees, we intend to foster cooperation and personal bonds as we believe that, in some cases, more things can be achieved within a committee if the true potential of co-chairing is harnessed.

Finally, for the last pillar of Athens 2022, we will strive to combine well-being and having fun, and that is definitely something that we promise to keep. Well-being is invaluable at EYP events because it enables one to perform to the very best of their ability while enjoying what is to be enjoyed, to the fullest. We intend to promote and further value this by having an elaborate concept of leisure and resting-time, as well as enough sleep. With event safe persons and well-structured buddy group systems, we plan on safeguarding mental health. Complementary to that, with a very detailed and well-planned agenda, we intend to ensure that we have enough time for both leisure and rest, making sure that each and every participant of the session is taken care of.

We hope to hear from you soon,

The Board of Athens 2022

Vedad Misirlić Sanja Pandža, Hein Posthumus, Madara Kivleniece

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