Vision for the Academic Team | 43rd NSC (EΛ)

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We cannot say that everything that we were used to has changed drastically over the past year and a half. Undeniably, we have all learned how to adapt to these changes and how to best combine our previous lifestyle with the new, adapted lifestyle. With this in mind, we want to make a session that will be a friendly and safe environment for everyone to thrive in. Combining the best of the digital model and adapting practices that proved to be extremely effective with classic models of in-person sessions, we intend to make an unforgettable experience for each and every participant.

Through heavy focus on wellbeing and personal-development, I intend to give space to each and  every individual to thrive and work on their personal development goals while feeling and being supported and encouraged to work on themselves. Furthermore, this complements another pillar of my vision which is wellbeing, as we as the session leadership intend to create a safe environment for everyone to feel accepted and heard, which is not only good for our physical and mental health but also gives a strong foundation for personal development and a healthy focus on the session. 

With a flat board, I intend to give three (3) Vice-presidents the chance to join me in the academic team and create an amazing board which will lead the session in the academic aspect. With a flat  structure, I feel like we can take the best out of each and every individual and build upon our skills in order to cover a wide spectrum of skills and knowledge during the session. By not having a strict hierarchy and by understanding the needs and wants of each and every single individual, we will be able to innovate concepts which already exist and step out of our comfort zones in order to create something truly amazing. 

Apart from that, I am looking for individuals who are heavily motivated to try out new concepts and who are not afraid to step into the unknown, as with such a big session and such a big team,  we have a lot of working space in adapting previously known concepts and fulfilling our vision to  the fullest. 

With this in mind, I am looking forward to shaping the event together with each and every  participant and I can’t wait to start working! 


Vedad Misirlić 

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