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Dear Reader,


Thank you for your interest in Thessaloniki 2021 - the 42nd National Selection Conference of EYP Greece. The Session was planned to take place in December 2020 but was postponed due to the pandemic. Before you continue reading my vision for the Academic Team and the Session as a whole, I believe it is worth mentioning that Thessaloniki 2021 is destined to showcase all the commitment and enthusiasm of the Leadership and the National Committee of EYP Greece.


I had the great honour of joining the Leadership of the Session as the President in May 2021. Currently, half of the Academic Team is selected and all of us are waiting for you to join as we are staying true to the theme of the Session: One for all, all for one!


The vision for Thessaloniki NSC was formulated once I have read the invitation to preside the Session as it was truly demonstrating all the passion, potential, and purpose that I would like the Session to exhibit.



My aim at Thessaloniki NSC is to shape a Team that will express all the passion and dedication we have for EYP. Together we can shape a unique event for every participant. For me, this project is already a promise to bring all my energy, commitment, and aspiration to achieve more together into Thessaloniki’21. Furthermore, I believe that the key to success here is to ensure that we all share this willingness, that we all want to work and communicate together and bring all our ideas, perspectives, innovative concepts, and best practices into the Team.



Looking at inspiring and bright individuals who are currently part of the Academic Team of Thessaloniki’21, I truly cannot wait for us to finally meet all together! I strongly believe that the Session has the full potential of becoming the highlight of the year for the Network as individuals who are shaping and will be further shaping the Session are capable of achieving everything they want! As the President, I will be there to ensure that everyone feels supported and empowered as for realising our full potential we all need trust and appreciation. Furthermore, together we will shape an ideal environment for personal development. Given the potential of every member of the team individually, the best strategy of further growing together is cooperating and taking the opportunity to further challenge ourselves. Do you feel very comfortable with your working style, knowledge, methodology? Please recall all the efforts that you have put into reaching this comfort zone. I will ask you to keep challenging yourself, embracing diversity, appreciating support, welcoming challenges, and striving for excellence.



If you are still reading my vision for the Session, then I assume you consider becoming a part of the Academic Team. What is your purpose?  What are you willing to bring to the Team? What would you like to achieve individually and together with the rest of the Team? Why Thessaloniki’21? I understand that with the vision you would expect to get answers to your questions rather than respond to mine. However, I believe that Thessaloniki NSC is not only about me. It is about us and I want us to shape it together.


One for all, all for one! #findyourstampingground


Hope to see your applications very soon!

Best regards,

Lira Mikayelyan (AM)

The President of Thessaloniki 2021


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