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Words For The Future Chairs' Team:


Insofar as the academic team is concerned my hopes and aims remain constant, as I am a strong proponent of unity. Therefore this segment can be viewed as a continuation, extension and fortification of the ideas highlighted for the board, taking into account the personal specificities of the team of course.
My main aim for the chairs is to make each individual team member feel like they have progressed further, that they have made steps, they felt they needed to take in order to better themselves and be closer to where they wish to be and see themselves.

Therefore, my goal would be to facilitate that growth by offering them the help necessary. This would be achieved by working with the board in order to ensure a personalized programme for each member in order to realize their growth, partnered with an active monitoring system in order to minimize the probability for failure as well as build an effective feedbacking system. As I am generally an open person, my aim is to remain accessible and approachable throughout the session. I wish to be open to any questions my team may have for me as well as any feedback they can offer because only by interacting can we ensure reciprocal growth.
However monitoring and feedbacking does not imply a lack of freedom. In actuality my hope is to encourage and inspire creativity and independence by offering the chairs team freedom in their pursuits. The pathway to finding one’s personal style and approach begins with the discovery and utilization of their individuality.


Also, personal growth is what we will devote most of our time to. As mentioned, my idea is to create a program that will optimize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. My plan is for you to be pleased with the programme and in order to achieve this, the board will engage with the chairs team actively pre-session, as well as further following up at the session itself. My plan to achieve this will be extensive, thorough things such as individual pre-session video calls, needs analysis, consultations etc. However we as the board can only supplement and guide your efforts, the matter is in your hands, therefore I implore you to take strong hold of your individuality and freedom and we will assist you in anything else.


Lastly, on the idea of confidence - where you stand currently is not important, I encourage you to apply because I plan to stand beside you and help each step of the way in order for you to grow into the person you know yourself to truly be. Show me the full extent of your individuality and character. That being said, I encourage you again to apply and put your faith in me as I plan to put all of my faith in you.

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