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Dear potential applicant,


One concept shaping my vision for this particular event will serve as a principle of my work: the idea of learning from the past, living for today and striving for a better future. Hence, the Media Team of the session shall be an environment fueled with productivity, improvement and enrichment where combined efforts will provide opportunities for self-development while looking back at into what we have assessed by now and improve. Because the theme of the session revolves around learning from past practices and incorporating innovation into the present and the future, I would like to establish a welcoming atmosphere for the Media Team where the development of its members will become a source for inspiration for every participant at the session. For this matter, my vision will focus on personal development, team dynamics, wellbeing and reflection. 


Personal Development & Team Dynamics

As mentioned above, I want to put a lot of emphasis on welfare, self-care and the positive development of team dynamics, while having a cohesive session output - and this is why, GRavity will be the best opportunity for participants to think outside the box, look into the future, get inspired and strive to have the best output. For starters, I plan on encouraging the Media Team Members to collaborate on projects; I believe that this will forge meaningful bonds within the team and will positively contribute to the learning experience as I believe that there is nothing more effective than learning from each other. That is also why I would like to create an environment in which knowledge sharing is highly encouraged and not limited to the top-down approach of an editor to MTM, but also MTM to MTM and MTM to editor. 



During digital sessions, especially since sessions in this unconventional format tend to put more emphasis on the working related aspect, MTMs are oftentimes busy working on their projects, leading to stress that will eventually affect their creativity and productivity. The Media Team will be a place of trust and comfort, where team members can return for advice, chit-chat and just generally good vibes. For this, I want to establish a good balance between working and relaxing by implementing working hours, where one should not spend more than several hours in front of their computer screens. Moreover, we will have several check-up calls during the event and different workshops and modules on how to maintain our energy and take care of ourselves.  



Finally, the digital revolution which has consumed EYP has now reached a point where we may look back, assess what has worked, and build upon the past to achieve a more inclusive future. Keeping this in mind, I want to establish an atmosphere where MTMs will take a step back and try to focus on the endless possibilities and opportunities, an atmosphere filled with creativity and freedom to explore all types of media and create their own output. 


Someone once said that EYP does not change the world, but it changes the people that will later have a chance to do so. With that being said, I would strongly encourage each one of you to explore the space, support each other in doing so and positively contribute to society. The future belongs to the curious and inspired, the ones who are not afraid to try to delve into it, poke it, question it, and turn it inside out. Let’s explore the gravity together!

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