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                                                                                                                                                                                                  Dear potential applicant, my name is Kirsten, I am 20 years old and I have the utmost pleasure of being the President of GRavity, the Second Digital Session of EYP Greece. I am very happy to see you interested in the session and in the following I hope to give you a brief overview of my vision for the Academic Team of this session. I genuinely hope this resonates with you and gets you excited about the session, if that is the case I strongly encourage you to apply.


'Defying Gravity: Using inspiration as a counterforce’ 


The times we live in can seem rather bleak and uninspiring at times, however, this does not have to be the case and we do not have to accept these circumstances. Thanks to technology we have the opportunity to come together despite these unprecedented times to create something truly meaningful and inspirational to those around us. By using inspiration as a counterforce and by defying gravity (in the metaphorical sense of course) we can go beyond the realm of what was deemed possible, breaking down sociopolitical norms and making lasting connections. As President of the Second Digital Session of EYP Greece, my vision is to create an environment of inspiration and empowerment, a space in which everyone has the opportunity to grow and to develop, to ask questions and to answer questions, to listen and to be heard, to support and be supported. With this in mind, my vision for the Academic Team of GRavity, the Second Digital Session of EYP Greece centers around three main aspects Knowledge sharing, welfare, and Inspiration.


First of all, I believe Knowledge sharing is an incredibly important component of EYP and I would like to take this one step further than it is usually taken. I believe every single participant of this session has something to learn from each other, this means co-chairs learning from co-chairs, VPs learning from the President, and delegates learning from delegates. This also means the President learning from delegates, Chairpersons from Media Team Members and so on and so forth - the point here is that the learning truly never stops, and that is something I find beautiful about EYP. That being said, I aim to create an atmosphere of learning and inspiration by working across teams and on all different levels. The way I envision this is by having inter-team collaborations and also opportunities for delegates (and all interested officials) to exchange information for example through committee cafes, Academic Team projects, open training modules, etc. I am also very much committed to hearing from you and working closely with you on your ideas. 


Now coming to Welfare, I say this at every session I attend in any capacity, but participant welfare will always be my number one priority at any session I am part of. It is so incredibly important that people’s welfare is looked after and respected. I am a firm believer that people work better and are more productive when they are happy and feel looked after, but welfare is not just about increasing academic quality. When we are happy and comfortable it is easier and more natural to start reaching out and making connections with others, this is precisely the atmosphere I intend to create at the session, an atmosphere in which people can build bridges and inspire each other to go out into the world and do their best and leave their mark. 


Lastly, as the session theme suggests I would like to focus on Inspiration. In terms of creating an environment of inspiration for the academic team, I would like to have a particular emphasis on high-quality training modules, for both VPs, Chairs, and the wider Officials Team. Everyone envisions their role differently so I would like to provide each and every member of the Academic Team with modules relevant to them and their interests. This means not only delivering the standard set of modules but also communicating with the Academic Team in order to be able to provide not only what they need to know but also what they would like to know. The goal of this is to open up room for creativity and growth within the team and to inspire team members to try new things and to go out of their comfort zones. I would therefore also like to give every member of the team the opportunity to get involved in the training process and provide the possibility to also hold modules as I believe this can be extremely beneficial. 

If you are reading this vision and any part of it has caught your interest and attention then I strongly encourage you to apply. I am looking for open-minded and open-hearted individuals who show a clear willingness to grow and develop and who would also like to encourage others to do the same. I look forward to welcoming you to the team. Finally, I would like to leave you with this: Be the change you want to see in the world, and apply to GRavity,  the Second Digital Session of EYP Greece.

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