Call for Organisers | 42nd National Selection Conference (EN)

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Dear EYP Alumni, Dear Friends,


The European Youth Parliament Greece is proud to open the call for Organisers for the 42nd National Selection Conference of EYP Greece, which is going to be held in the city of Thessaloniki from the 10th to the 14th of December 2020, under the theme: “One for all, all for one: Maximising the impact of local-based initiatives on a global decision-making level".


The Session is Head-Organised by Ms. Afroditi Karatagli and Mr. Aimilios Pistofidis-Chatzidimitriou and will gather 120 delegates from Northern Greece, along with an international team of 64 Officials.


We are now looking for 15 Organisers to join us and help us materialise our vision, in order to promote local-based initiatives along with the cultural and historical aspect of the city. Before you consider applying, we kindly ask of you to read the Concept Paper for the Organising Team by following this link:


Prior to the Session, the Organisers are to participate in the pre-Session Organisers’ Training that will be held in the end of July or the beginning of August; further information on this will be communicated as we move forward and while specifically considering the Covid-19 developments. Furthermore, the Organisers are to arrive in the city of Thessaloniki no later than 12:00pm on Tuesday, the 8th of December and will be able to depart after the Closing Ceremony, in the evening of Monday, the 14th of December.


All those who wish to be considered for the position of the Organiser are required to apply as follows;


1. Create an account - or log in to your profile, if you already have one - at the EYP Members’ Platform ( In case of encountering problems, contact;


2. Make sure that your personal profile details are updated (full name, contact information, etc.);


3. Apply for “Thessaloniki ‘20 - 42nd National Selection Conference of EYP Greece” on the Event’s Page, by filling out the questions for the position of the Organiser.


Should you experience any difficulties or in the case of any complication, please do not hesitate to communicate with us via However, please keep in mind that by contacting us in the above e-mail address, you consent to us storing the content of your message until the 42nd National Selection Conference of EYP Greece is over. All such personal data will be deleted after the completion of the Session.


The deadline for all applications is Monday the 25th of May 2020, 23:59 CEST.


We would like to inform you that for the position of the Organiser we will only be accepting Greek applicants and all applicants will be informed individually concerning the outcome of their application, as soon as the selection process is completed.

The Selection Panel is going to be comprised of the Head-Organising Committee of the Session, Ms. Afroditi Karatagli and Mr. Aimilios Pistofidis-Chatzidimitriou as well as Mr. Giorgos Zachariadis, the Member of the Executive Board of EYP Greece, responsible for the 42nd National Selection Conference of EYP Greece.


We are looking forward to receiving your applications!


Your sincerely,


Afroditi Karatagli & Aimilios Pistofidis-Chatzidimitriou
Head-Organising Committee of the Session


Vasilis Tsenes
President of EYP Greece



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