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What is TIF’21?


Thessaloniki International Forum’21 (TIF’21) will mark the 7th International Forum of EYP Greece and it will take place from the 19th to the 26th of August 2021. The Head Organising Committee is namely Ms.Koimtzoglou Maria, Mr.Koukovinos Konstantinos, Mr.Konstantaras Dimitris and Mr.Raphael Tsiamis serving as the NC Member responsible for the Forum.The event will gather around 170 young people from around Europe to discuss issues concerning the Future of Europe and are linked to the session’s theme: “Learning from the past to redesign our future;reboosting European society into a renewed reality”. The Forum will take place in the cities of Halkidiki and Thessaloniki,Greece.


The 7th International Forum of EYP Greece aims to bring back in life sessions and create a safe space for all participants to freely express themselves. Our goal is to provide a platform for young people of Europe to create and express their opinions on burning issues while getting to know new civilisations and cultures.Having integrated in the programme optional entertaining activities, this Summer Forum can be a great opportunity for new strong friendships.We aspire for the session’s theme-inspired by the new reality we have to face-to provoke fruitful dialogue and debates amongst young people who are the future of Europe.During the Forum, conversations with people in decision making positions will take place in order for the participants to learn first-hand how political decisions are made. The session will have two days of Team Building, that will take place in a camp of Halkidiki, two  days of Committee Work, one Cultural day in Thessaloniki and two days of General Assembly. The participation fee is 75€ and covers all 8 nights and the meals of the participants. 


Why be part of  TIF’21?


  • Because you’ll get the chance to be part of a session from a “renewed reality”,
  • Because you’ll improve your social and language skills,
  • Because you’ll interact with over 170 young people from all over Europe,
  • Because you’ll be part in fruitful conversations in important issues for the future of Europe in  a safe space,
  • Because you’ll get the opportunity to learn more about yourself and how you can improve it.                                                                                                                                 

How can you be part of TIF’21?


TIF’21 is looking for Greek and international delegates to be part of the 10 Committees of the session. All applications will be considered separately based on their quality and every applicant will be informed personally of their application’s outcome.                                                                                                                   

If you’re interested in taking part in Thessaloniki International Forum’21-7th International Forum of EYP Greece, submit your application before the 1st of July, at 23:59 CEST by one of the following ways:


1. Log in to your EYP Members’ Profile ( In case of encountering problems, contact

2. Make sure that your personal profile details are updated (full name, contact information, etc.);

3. Apply for “Thessaloniki International Forum '21-7th International Forum of EYP Greece | EYP Members ” on the Event’s Page, by filling out the questions for the position of your choice.


If you don’t have a Member’s platform, fill out this form


Important Information


The Head-Organising Committee, namely Ms. Maria Koimtzoglou (GR), Mr.Konstantinos Koukovinos (GR), and Mr. Dimitris Konstantaras (GR), along with Mr. Raphael Tsiamis as a designated member of the Board of EYP Greece will constitute the Selection Panel for Delegates.

Should you have any questions or face any issues regarding your application, feel free to contact us through the session’s email: . However, please keep in mind that by contacting us at the e-mail address provided above, you consent to us storing the content of your personal data until the Thessaloniki International Forum’21 is over.  All such personal data will be deleted after the completion of the event.


We are looking forward to receiving your applications and we cannot wait to welcome you on board!

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