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Published on 15/04/2021 under News


What is GRavity?


GRavity will be the 2nd Digital Session of EYP Greece and will take place between the 6th and the 9th of May 2021. Head-Organised by Sofia Kasapidou (GR), Spyridoula-Iris Vasilakopoulou (GR) and George Vagias (GR), the event will gather around 100 participants digitally to discuss various topics related to the future of Europe, under the session’s theme: “Defying Gravity: Using inspiration as a counterforce”.

The 2nd Digital Session of EYP Greece aims to create an environment of support, self-reflection and personal improvement, in which every participant will be inspired to fully embrace their weaknesses and turn them into unique strengths, thus getting closer to becoming the “best version” of themselves. Focusing on important topics that concern the future of the European Union and its citizens, GRavity is shaped to be an unforgettable experience filled with fruitful discussions, knowledge sharing and opportunities to learn. In addition to the academic activities, there will also be various fun events for participants who wish to join them and get to know each other better!


Why should you apply to GRavity?


  • You will be part of a session aiming to reimagine the digital format we have all experienced throughout the past year.
  • You will develop your digital skills and get acquainted with various digital platforms.
  • You will interact with more than 100 individuals from all over Europe.
  • You will engage in constructive discussions with your peers in a warm and welcoming environment.


How can you apply to GRavity?


We are looking for both Greek and international Delegates to join the 8 committees of GRavity! All applications will be considered on their own merit and each applicant will be informed individually regarding the selection outcome. 

If you are interested in participating in GRavity - 2nd Digital Session of EYP Greece, apply by Friday, the 23rd of April at 23:59 CEST via one of the following ways:


If you have an EYP Members’ Profile:

If you do not have an EYP Members’ Profile, please fill in this google form.


Important Information


The Selection Panel for Delegates will consist of the Head-Organising Committee, namely Ms. Sofia Kasapidou (GR), Mr. George Vagias (GR) and Ms. Spyridoula-Iris Vasilakopoulou (GR), along with Ms. Afroditi Karatagli (GR), the Member of the Executive Board of EYP Greece responsible for GRavity - 2nd Digital Session of EYP Greece.


Should you have any questions or face any issues regarding your application, feel free to contact us through the session’s email:


However, please keep in mind that by contacting us at the e-mail address provided above, you consent to us storing the content of your personal data until the 2nd Digital Session of EYP Greece is over. All such personal data will be deleted after the completion of the event.


We are looking forward to reading your applications!


Sofia Kasapidou, Spyridoula-Iris Vasilakopoulou & George Vagias

Head-Organising Committee of GRavity


Vasilis Varsos

President of EYP Greece


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