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Published on 27/08/2020 under News


Dear participants, dear Followers,

After 4 days full of work, fun and discussions it is officially the end for #Synergy, the 1st Digital Session of EYP Greece. It is with immense excitement that we share the Resolution Booklet of #Synergy, available both in English and in Greek, by clicking on the respective language option on our website.


All of us are extremly thankful for having been part of #Synergy and would like to express our gratitude to not only those who contributed towards the creation of the Resolution Booklet, but also every Participant, Official, Delegate or Expert who was part of the 1st Digital Session of EYP Greece!




Eleni Petsa and Raphael Tsiamis
Head-Organising Committee of #Synergy 
Vasilis Tsenes 
President of EYP Greece


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