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Published on 31/07/2020 under News

What is #Synergy?
#Synergy will be the 1st Digital Session of EYP Greece, taking place between the 21st and the 24th of August 2020. Head Organised by Eleni Petsa (GR) and Raphael Tsiamis (GR), the session will focus on bringing people together digitally to discuss various topics related to energy as Synergy is part of the Powershifts project, waste management and more.
The 1st Digital Session of EYP Greece aims to create a safe space where new ideas and opinions will be cultivated through cooperation, receptiveness and understanding. Moreover, with the objective of satisfying the curiosity of our participants, #Synergy will be an unforgettable experience filled with fruitful discussions and opportunities to learn. #Synergy will have two bilingual committees working in Greek and English, something happening for the first time in official EYP Greece history! In addition to the academic activities, there will also be various fun events for participants who wish to join them and get to know each other more.
Why should you apply to #Synergy?
  • You will be part of the digital revolution of the European Youth Parliament.
  • You will interact with more than 100 individuals from all over Europe.
  • You will develop your digital skills.
  • You will engage in constructive dialogue with your peers in a safe environment.
How can you apply to #Synergy?
We are looking for Greek and International Delegates to participate in the 8 Committees of #Synergy. All applications will be considered on their own merit. The Selection Panel reserves the right to reject any applicant. If you are interested in participating in #Synergy - 1st Digital Session of EYP Greece apply by Monday, the 10th of August 23:59 CEST via one of the following ways:
If you have an EYP Members’ Platform Account: 
If you do not have an EYP Members’ Platform Account:
Important Information
The Selection Panel for delegates will consist of the Head-Organising Committee, namely Ms. Elena Petsa and Mr. Raphael Tsiamis, and Mr. Nikos-Pavlos Kotzias, the Member of the Executive Board of EYP Greece, responsible for #Synergy - 1st Digital Session of the EYP Greece.
Should you experience any difficulties or in the case of any complication, please do not hesitate to communicate with us via However, please keep in mind that by contacting us in the e-mail address provided above, you consent to us storing the content of your personal data until the #Synergy - 1st Digital Session of the EYP Greece is over. All such personal data will be deleted after the completion of the Session.
We are looking forward to reading your applications! 
Eleni Petsa and Raphael Tsiamis
Head-Organising Committee of #Synergy 
Vasilis Tsenes 
President of EYP Greece
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