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Dear potential applicant,


Words can’t express our happiness to see you interested in applying to GRavity - 2nd Digital Session of EYP Greece. We truly hope that after reading our vision for the Organising Team and the Session you will be even more willing to embark on this wonderful journey with us!


Through Head-Organising the 2nd Digital Session of EYP Greece, we aim to reimagine the digital format we have all experienced throughout the past year. In accordance with the Session’s theme: “Defying gravity; using inspiration as a counterforce” we intend to keep challenging ourselves as well as every Session participant towards creating an environment of support, self-reflection and personal improvement, within which everyone will be inspired to fully embrace their weaknesses and turn them into unique strengths, thus getting closer to becoming the “best version” of themselves. Through the Session and its activities, our goal is to welcome individuals who wish to get more acquainted with EYP and instill them with the spirit of creation, active participation and mutual support that characterises every event of EYP Greece.


We are now looking for nine (9) enthusiastic Organisers from all around Europe, that are ready to devote their time, inspiration and knowledge to turn GRavity into a truly memorable experience for every participant! Throughout the Session, the responsibilities of the Organising Team will be focused on three key pillars. In order to achieve this, the team will be split in 3 different clusters, each with a different purpose, led by a member of the Head-Organising Committee and consisting of three (3) Organisers. The clusters are the following:


Technical and Participants’ Support


This team will be responsible for managing the platforms used throughout the Session, creating guides for their use and supporting the event’s participants in case of any technical issues. Additionally, members of this cluster will focus on communicating with every Session participant before, during and after the event.


Theme Implementation & Schedule Management


This cluster will mainly focus on the cultural aspect of the Session, by enriching the schedule with unique, meaningful activities, both for delegates and Officials, that are in line with the Session’s theme. Creativity, initiative, enthusiasm and inspiration are required in order for the cluster to successfully reach its goal. 


Info & Communications


This cluster will be responsible for the creation of all digital material needed in the Session, which means that its members will help in the formation of all guides, forms, booklets and certificates for GRavity. In order to deliver both high quality content and design - always aligned with the Session’s theme, the team will work closely with the Media Team as well as other Officials of the Session. Basic knowledge on digital editing tools and team spirit are essential for this cluster to carry out its tasks efficiently.


We aspire to create a diverse Organising Team, giving the chance to both first-time organisers to get acquainted with the role and to more experienced individuals to hone their organising skills even more. We want to facilitate an environment where our organisers are invited to take ownership of their projects and ideas and, thus, make sure that everyone within the organising team will have the opportunity to effectively shape the event and make it as unique as possible.


GRavity has been a dream for the three of us for quite some time now and we are more than excited and proud to finally see it coming to life. If any of the aforementioned ideas resonated with you and you share the same enthusiasm for GRavity that we do, we encourage you to apply as an Organiser and support us in shaping this event to be as unconventional, unique and incredible as we envision it to be for every participant. 

Sofia, George & Spyridoula
Head-Organising Committee of GRavity - 2nd Digital Session of EYP Greece

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