Presidential Vision for Chairpersons | 42nd National Selection Conference (EN)

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Dear EYPers,


Thank you for considering applying as a Chairperson to Thessaloniki ‘20, the 42nd National Selection Conference of EYP Greece. While the Vice-Presidents and I are still laying the foundation of the academic framework of the session, we are looking forward to you joining the Chairs’ Team and filling this framework with life very soon.


Thessaloniki ’20 will take place from 10 to 14 December 2020 under the theme "One for all, all for one: Maximising the impact of local-based initiatives on a global decision-making level". The session will bring together 120 Delegates in 10 committees. 7 of these 10 committees will be co-chaired. While we are looking for team players, we also aim at giving you the opportunity to come up with and implement your own vision on how to chair your Committee. This already starts with the Committee Topics: It will be you, the Chairpersons, who will write your committee topics. The Board will guide you along the way and make sure the academic expectations are met, but we want to give you as much ownership as possible over your committee in order to truly make this session yours.

This shall also be our general vision for this session: We want you to do things your way, but we will also be there to support you in any situation. This means that you can get creative and try out something new, but you can also chair the way you are the most comfortable and confident. Being a board of four people allows us to check up on your committees frequently, but also to support you individually and in a strong buddy group setting. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to approach us. We are looking forward to receiving your application.


On behalf of the Board of Thessaloniki ‘20,
Lars Kieni
President of the Session

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